Kitchen Design Tips for Apartment Living

One of the kitchens in The Grove

Decorating a new apartment is one of the most exciting parts about moving, but it can be hard to know where to start. A homey kitchen will make mealtime that much more enjoyable, so we recommend considering a few different apartment kitchen ideas while designing your space. Here are 3 apartment kitchen ideas to help you make the most of your new apartment.

1. Invest in pieces that are decorative AND functional.

Sometimes the best apartment kitchen ideas involve seeing your possessions in a new light. Why stash your kitchen tools in drawers when you can turn them into a display? Knife blocks, serving trays, sugar canisters, utensils, and spices can all function as décor if you get creative with the way you show them off. When buying new pieces, think about how they’ll look in your new kitchen.

2. Use vertical storage.

Cluttered countertops can make your kitchen feel small and crowded. Many apartment kitchen ideas revolve around eliminating clutter to maximize your space. If you have too many kitchen accessories and appliances, try using vertical storage to free up your counters.

Some apartments come with hooks to hang your pots and pans from, but if yours doesn’t, you can still use these apartment kitchen ideas. Try buying a free-standing kitchen rack or using over-the-door storage to hang things like coffee mugs from your cabinets!

3. Keep your colors cohesive.

The easiest way to make sure the design of your kitchen flows well is to keep a cohesive color scheme for all of the décor and accessories you have on display. Opting for too many colors and patterns can make your kitchen look cluttered and chaotic.

Keeping the color scheme the same allows you to play with different patterns while still maintaining a uniform appearance. Choose one main color and one or two accent colors to emphasize in your space and then stick with them.

Optimizing the design of your kitchen can open up a whole new world of apartment kitchen ideas, but it helps to have a great kitchen, to begin with! All of our kitchens are outfitted with high-quality appliances and plenty of space. If you want to view our apartments for rent in Saratoga and Troy, contact us today.