Tips for Apartment Living Etiquette

woman sitting on a chair in an apartment smiling

With the many benefits of apartment living – maintenance-free living, community amenities, social atmosphere, urban lifestyle – it can be easy to forget the responsibilities of being a good neighbor. What makes a good neighbor you ask? While it’s more than just sharing a cup of sugar and holding the door open, it turns out that proper apartment living etiquette is easy to follow.

Another option is to bring your dog to doggy daycare when you’re at work. This is a great solution for those pets that need a lot of attention, have separation anxiety, or bark a lot when left alone.

Around the Community

Apartment etiquette doesn’t stop when you step outside your door. You should continue to be a good neighbor as you enjoy the amenities your community offers.

In the Gym

If you frequent the gym here are a few simple rules you should follow:

  • Wipe down any machines or benches you use with disinfectant
  • Don’t make unnecessary grunting noises or drop your weights after a set. It doesn’t impress anyone and can make you seem disrespectful
  • Rerack your weights when you’re done using them. This keeps the gym clean and allows the next person to find what they want quickly
  • If the gym is busy keep your time on a cardio machine to 30 minutes or less. You should also offer to share weights and machines with other’s who may want to use them

In Common Areas

When you’re in common areas like the clubhouse or hallways, remember to pick up after yourself and keep the noise down. If you do have a dog, make sure you pick up after them once they go. Leaving dog waste around the community is a quick way to make enemies with your neighbors. Be sure to keep your dog on a leash as well to prevent them from greeting a neighbor who may not love dogs as much as you do.

In the Parking Lot

When you’re driving through the community and parking lots be sure to go slow and watch out for pedestrians.

If you’re waiting for a ride ask the driver or your friend to send a text when they’ve arrived – honking is loud and disruptive to those nearby. Remind the driver not to block sidewalks either. Lastly, lower your music when you’re driving through the community.

With a little thought and consideration, being a good neighbor is not difficult. Keep the noise down, pick up after yourself, and be mindful of common areas. A positive apartment living experience is all about treating people with respect. When you do your neighbors are sure to return the favor!