How to Maximize the Space in Your Apartment

triangle shelf

If you live in an apartment, room management and innovation are everything, especially when it comes to storage ideas for apartment living. Learning how to maximize space and implementing storage ideas for your apartment can help you achieve more efficiency and add additional living space in your apartment. Let’s make the most of your space with these tips and tricks to maximize space in your apartment.

Maximize the Space in Your Apartment By Digitizing Documents

Avoid additional clutter by digitizing your documents and getting rid of clunky and heavy filing cabinets. You can go green by utilizing free tools online like Google Drive and Dropbox. This system is also great for your monthly bills and statements. By opting in for either automatic bill pays or paperless statements it will help reduce the paper clutter around your apartment. In many cases, companies offer access to previous bills if you ever need them for something in the future.

Maximize the Space in Your Apartment By Finding Dual Uses for Furniture and Accessories

The best way to maximize space is by finding duel uses for items you already have in your room. Here are a few of our favorite ways to maximize apartment space and extend the use of many household items.


  1. Mount your television on a wall as both a way for entertainment and décor. There are some easy thing you can do to fancy up the space by adding in a television frame or using it as part of a collage of photos. There are even some TV brands that act as a mirror when not in use.


  1. Use bookshelves as themed wall décor. When you take a stroll down the aisles of your favorite home store, you have probably seen wall décor that also acts as shelves for books and knickknacks. Popular designs have been mountains, circles, and triangles. These give elements of design to the space while allowing for functionality of the shelves.


  1. Use an ottoman with storage as your coffee table. This will give you some additional storage space to hide blankets, board games, or knickknacks that do not need to be in public view. The use of an ottoman as your coffee table additionally helps to maximize space in your apartment by offering additional seating when you have company.

Maximize the Space in Your Apartment By Using Bigger Furniture Pieces

Many people think that smaller spaces require smaller furniture. We are here to tell you that is not the case and here is why. When you buy smaller pieces your need more of them to take care of your needs. For Instance, furnish your apartment with a full-size couch rather than a love seat and chair. It’s the same amount off seats but the actual floor space it takes up is less.


By learning how to maximize space in your apartment you can add some valuable living space to your home.  To find your next apartment in Saratoga Springs or Troy, NY contact us to schedule your tour. We can’t wait to show you around.