How to Keep Your Apartment Clean of Pet Fur?

apartment pet fur

Almost all animal lovers can understand the struggle between the love you have for your cat or dog and the dislike you have for fur being all over the house. Sometimes finding an apartment that allows animals can be hard and keeping your apartment clean with them can he even harder. Our furry friends are worth it but getting a tips to keep your apartment clean of pet fur can be super helpful.

Keep your apartment clean of pet fur with these tips:

  1. Use an automatic vacuum – The use of automatic vacuums like a Roomba or iRobot can really help keep your apartment clean of pet fur. You can run the vacuum when you are out doing errands or at night when it will not be under anyone’s feet. Some models can also be programmed to run on a certain schedule. This is great for busy professionals or those looking to be a little more hands off.


  1. Keep a lint roller handy – If you’re already a pet owner you probably have a few of these laying around your apartment, in your car, and in your desk at work. Lint rollers are great for getting the hair off your clothing and chairs but for bigger surface areas we may have another solution.


  1. Use a silicone brush – Like a lint roller a silicone brush helps remove pet fur from bigger surfaces like the couch, recliner, and area rugs. This solution also allows you to clean the brush and use it again and again. This brush really is magic and works with even the most stubborn of pet fur.


  1. Keep your standing grooming appointment – One major component of keeping your apartment clean of pet fur is grooming appointments. Staying on a regular schedule should help with shedding and cleanliness. Some groomers may even offer a special shedding control shampoo or brushing technique for pets prone to shedding.


  1. Use chair and couch covers – Keep your apartment clean of pet fur with the use of furniture covers for your couch and chairs. These are machine washable and will help protect your furniture from fur. They also come in a variety of colors and patterns so you can change the look of your room in minutes!

We hope that you find some of these tips to keep your apartment clean of pet fur come in handy. We welcome cats and dogs at any of our pet friendly apartments and look forward to meeting you and your four-legged friend. Check out our apartments in Saratoga Springs and Troy and schedule your pet friendly tour today!